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Understanding Landlord Insurance:

If you own a rental property in New York, and are looking for the absolute best rental property insurance company, the best rates, and the best agent, keep reading. We've built an in-depth, but easy-to-follow resource area on this page below. You can also request a quote, and we'll personally reach out to start the process.

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New York's Best Landlord Insurance Resource Center

At Crowley Insurance our goal is to help consumers understand their New York Landlord or Investment Property Insurance.


Below we breakdown parts of the New York Landlord Insurance Policy and the different coverages that are built into the policy versus a regular New York Home Insurance Policy. We also talk about additional coverages that should be added and frequently asked questions that will help consumers in navigating their Landlord Insurance needs.


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Biggest mistakes landlords make when renting to tenants!

If you are a landlord, meaning you own rental or investment property, you are more than likely unaware of the biggest mistake you’re making at the time of lease.


This applies to whether you one 1 single-family rental property or 50 units.


Most experienced landlords have rental agreements or lease contracts in place. Most of these also require a tenant to carry renter’s insurance coverage.


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Difference between Replacement Cost & Actual Cash Value Coverage

One of the most griped about things we hear in the insurance industry from property owners is that they have too much coverage on their house, or my house isn’t worth that why do I have so much coverage on my dwelling?


The answer to these lies in the type of policy valuation you have or the type of coverage you want.


Replacement cost or Actual Cash Value!


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What is the difference between a homeowner's insurance policy and a landlords insurance policy?

Homeowner’s insurance and landlord insurance is basically the same thing, right?


We hear this question or a question similar to this quite often.


Now while I understand why you might think that they are similar enough that it should work, that is not how the insurance contract is written causing a potential coverage gap in the event of a claim.


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How do I insure a Rental Property in New York?

Do you own a Rental Property?


Want to become a Property Investor?


Think being a landlord will be easy money?


Well perhaps, but if any of these are true than you need to keep reading.


Insuring a rental property is different than insuring your primary Home.



How to get the best landlord insurance in New York?

Looking for a landlord insurance agent in East Syracuse? We’ve got you covered.


Whether you own property in Syracuse, or any other part of New York, when most people think about landlord insurance, they think about damage to their property. The truth is, landlord insurance covers much more than just your property.


Protecting the investment is important but also making sure you are protecting yourself is equally important.


You’re at risk literally every single day that an accident can happen and you will be held liable.


If you own rental property whether it is one property or it is a large portfolio, now is the time to take a look at your insurance protection to make sure you understand it and that you are adequately covered.



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