Coverage with Crowley 101

Insurance can be confusing. Our job is to simplify it for you!

Our goal as independent insurance agents is to education consumers on the proper insurance coverage and answer questions that make things that happen in their every day lives that much easier. It is why we created our video series, COVERAGE WITH CROWLEY 101. Where we will answer 101 of the most asked about or searched insurance questions or scenarios at will be posted here below. 

Each video will be only a few minutes long. Where we at Crowley Insurance answered very specific questions that individuals and business owners have in New York.


101 Frequently Asked Questions?

We tackled some frequently asked questions that will help even the most educated consumers on different insurance coverage's and scenarios for the every day consumer or business owner in New York 


Resources with a ✅ are clickable and ready to be viewed!


  1. What is Full Glass Coverage
  2. What is the difference between Comprehensive & Collision✅
  3. What is Rental Reimbursement
  4. What happens when your vehicle gets totaled
  5. How long do accidents stay on your driving record?✅
  6. What is Bodily Injury Liability
  7. Will my insurance cover if my friend get's in an accident with my car. ✅
  8. Do I need to buy insurance when renting a car✅
  9. What is New York State's Minimum Auto Coverage
  10. Why does my auto insurance keep increasing
  11. Do I need to get insurance when renting a moving truck
  12. Will my insurance pay to rent a car if mine breaks down
  13. What is No Fault Coverage in New York
  14. What is Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage
  15. What is Standard Auto Coverage
  16. What is Property Damage Coverage
  17. Is Insurance more expensive for males or females
  18. Who is allowed to drive your vehicle
  19. What deductible should I carry on my auto insurance
  20. Why is it expensive to add my teenage drive to my auto insurance
  21. If I only drive my car on an occasion is my auto insurance lower
  22. Best way to lower your auto premium when you have a teenage driver ✅
  23. What is a salvaged title
  24. How far with the insurance company tow my car
  25. Do I have insurance if my car is stolen
  26. What does Auto Insurance cost in New York
  27. What is the difference between motorcycle and auto insurance
  28. What is medical payments coverage on my auto insurance
  29. Does my car insurance cover a hit and run
  30. What is the best auto insurance for teen drivers


  1. Should I package my auto & home insurance together ✅
  2. Can I cancel my insurance at anytime?
  3. What is a deductible
  4. Will my rates increase if I have a claim
  5. What is an Independent Agent
  6. Does credit affect my insurance rates
  7. Can I withdraw an Insurance claim after it's started
  8. How much will my insurance increase if I have a claim
  9. How do Insurance agents get paid
  10. How to choose the best insurance agent
  11. What is an elevation certificate
  12. How long does an insurance claim take
  13. How do I insure a vacant property
  14. Does it hurt to change insurance company's each year
  15. Does it matter who is listed first on my insurance policy
  16. What insurance covers me if I get hurt in an auto accident while working


  1. What is Renter's Insurance✅
  2. Is Jewelry covered on my homeowners insurance
  3. Why does my homeowner's insurance premiums increase each year
  4. If my garage catches fire will my homeowner's pay the damage to my vehicle ✅
  5. How does my escrow account work with my homeowner's insurance
  6. Am I covered if my dog bits someone
  7. Is my underground sewer pipe covered on my home insurance
  8. Can I transfer my homeowner's from one house to another
  9. What is the difference between Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value
  10. Will a trampoline affect my home insurance
  11. Does my homeowner's insurance cover freezing pipes ✅
  12. How is homeowner's insurance paid
  13. What is Hazard Insurance
  14. What is Water Back up of Sewer & Drains ✅
  15. What is the difference between homeowner's and a landlords policy
  16. Do I need extra insurance if I have a swimming pool
  17. How is homeowner's insurance calculated
  18. What is a percentage deductible on my homeowner's insurance
  19. Why do Insurance companies inspect my house
  20. Who is responsible for damage from a fallen tree
  21. What is the difference between Flood Insurance and Water Back up
  22. What is personal liability insurance coverage
  23. Does my homeowner's insurance cover roof leaks
  24. Can I switch Home Insurance midterm when it's paid by escrow✅
  25. What is medical payments coverage on my home insurance


  1. What is Pay As You Go Worker's Comp
  2. What is business interruption coverage
  3. Why do my business policies get audited
  4. What is the difference between Worker's Comp and Disability
  5. What is the difference between General Liability & Professional Liability
  6. What is an experience modification
  7. What Insurance Coverage do I need for my Restaurant
  8. What is hired & non-owned auto liability coverage
  9. What is EPLI Coverage
  10. What is New York State Short term Disability
  11. When do I need to buy Worker's Compensation in New York
  12. Do I need Worker's Compensation if I hire Subcontractors
  13. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make with their insurance
  14. How long do I have to wait until I collect Worker's Compensation
  15. What is the difference between per occurrence and per aggregate
  16. What insurance do I need to start a business
  17. What is Directors & Officers Liability Coverage (D&O)
  18. What is New York Labor Law Coverage
  19. What is New York's Paid Family Leave
  20. What is a certificate of insurance
  21. Do NY Workers Comp rates vary from each carrier
  22. Do claims affect my business insurance


  1. What is an Umbrella Insurance Policy
  2. What is condo owners policy
  3. Do I need Flood Insurance in New York
  4. What insurance do I need for my rental property
  5. Do I need boat insurance
  6. Biggest mistakes landlords make when renting to tenants
  7. Do I need an umbrella policy
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