If my garage catches fire will my homeowner’s pay the damage to my vehicle

Damage to stored vehicles

One of the most common places where a house fire begins is in the garage. Whether it is due to stored chemicals or the gasoline from parked vehicles or toys in there, it always seems that the fire department can find the cause of fire beginning in the garage.

Another thing that is very common with garages is that is where people store their vehicles and toys like motorcycles, snowmobiles, and watercraft’s. So a question we get quite often is if something happens to my garage whether it is a fire, a collapse, or falling objects, what happens to my vehicles or toys.

Most consumers feel that their homeowner’s insurance policy should cover them.

The problem is, it doesn’t.

Homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damage to vehicles or other toys, they are required to have their own insurance policies.

How are vehicles covered?

When damage occurs due to fire, falling objects, collapse or even theft the vehicles insurance policy will cover the damage under the Comprehensive Coverage form.

An issue we see is that most people who use these vehicles or toys on a seasonal basis, remove or cancel insurance when it is not in use. This creates a gap in coverage during the time it is being “stored”


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Avoid the Gap In Coverage

It is very inexpensive to keep comprehensive coverage on your seasonal or stored vehicles, this means all vehicles, not just ones that are registered.

As for the seasonal toys, boats, motorcycles, ATV, or snowmobiles they are insured on separate insurance policies and most insurance carriers rate the policy knowing that they are only being used for a season or specific part of the year and are priced accordingly.

Using an independent insurance agent to help walk you through this process is very important to make sure you don’t make a unnecessary gap in coverage.

What’s Next?

Make sure you are using an independent insurance agent who can provide options for you. Don’t know an agent or want a review of your insurance?

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