Should I package my auto & home insurance together

Should I Bundle?

The media has been telling us this for years and for once they finally got it right.

Packaging your insurance policies together is usually the best options but not only for the obvious reason.

Competitive Prices

It is no secret, Insurance carriers want packaged insurance business. Some insurance carriers give up to 40% discounts when combining your automobile and homeowner’s insurance policies together and even more if you can add other lines of business.

Obviously you will want the best possible pricing for your insurance but here are a few more reasons why you want to package your insurance together.

Preferred Client

The more insurance policies you package in one insurance carrier, the more that carrier will look at you as a preferred client.

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A benefit of being a preferred client is being less likely to take significant rate increases and/or getting dropped due to claims.

As insurance companies continue to increase premiums, they tend to look at clients that have only one insurance policy with them to take a larger percentage of that rate increase verse the preferred clients.

One Deductible

Another benefit of having home and auto insurance packaged together is in the event there is a claim involving both.

An example of this would be if you drive your car into your house causing damage to your house and your car.

In this example, your auto insurance will pay under Collision Coverage for the damage to your car but your homeowner’s will pay for the damage to your house.

If your policies were in two different insurance companies you would have two deductibles to pay. When they are packaged together, the insurance carrier will waive one of them.

What’s Next?

It is important to do what is best for you but one of those things is to make sure you are reviewing your insurance with an independent insurance agent.

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