What is Full Glass Coverage

Full glass coverage on your personal auto policy is the coverage that allows you to get your window or windshield fixed without paying a deductible.

In case you didn’t know glass damage to your car falls under your comprehensive coverage (also known as Comp) under the physical damage coverage on your vehicle. Comprehensive Coverage is usually subject to a deductible but most of the time there is a rider giving full glass coverage.

This coverage is not automatic and can be added or removed on each individual vehicle.

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How does it work

If your car has glass damage only, you can file an insurance claim to get that glass fixed at no cost to you. This means any chipped, cracked, or broken windshields or windows can be repaired or replaced without you paying a deductible.

Most insurance companies will work directly with the glass repair shops to make sure that your vehicle gets fixed and everybody gets paid the correct way, making it easy for you as the consumer.

First step I would do in the event you do have that claim is to call your agent. Talk to them about the specific damage you have and make sure you carry this coverage on that specific vehicle. Figure out the best course of action if you need to get it repaired or replaced.

Some glass damage is unsafe to drive with and needs to get fixed immediately but, if there’s just a chip in the windshield you might be able to wait a little bit longer before getting it fixed.

When purchasing your auto insurance online without the advise of an independent agent could cause gaps in coverage. This is one that is frequently missed as consumers assume it is automatically included.

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