What is medical payments coverage on my home insurance

Medical Payments

Things can happen, sometimes through no fault of your own, and someone gets hurt on your property.

Medical payments coverage is built to handle those small claims that may arise when a person is hurt while on your property. These are generally not a high occurrence type of claim.

Example: your neighbor stops by and trips on an exposed tree root.  In doing so, they fall and sprain their wrist.

In this situation, you as the property didn’t do anything wrong, it was an accident. Their medical insurance will cover this but it might fall under their deductible or out of pocket limit. Medical Payments can help cover this so limit their out of pocket cost.

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Homeowners Policy

Your homeowner or property insurance policy is broken into sections.

With Section 2 covering Personal Liability and Medical Payments.

Unlike the personal liability coverage, that is in place to cover you due to thing that you are liability for that directly caused the injury, medical payments coverage is available regardless of who is at fault or liable.

Most homeowner policies carry an automatic limit of $1,000.  To increase this limit, usually in one thousand dollar increments, is very inexpensive, with most homeowner’s policies have a max limit of $5,000.

What’s Next?

When an accident happens on your property, the last thing you want is for your guest to be financially affected by it.

Understanding that your homeowner’s insurance may have an option to prevent that is important. Discussing and talking with your trusted independent insurance agent is important when a situation arises.

If you don’t have a relationship with an independent insurance agent or want a review of your insurance?

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