What is Standard Auto Insurance

Standard Auto Insurance

All too often we hear someone say “just give me the standard auto insurance” when requesting a quote.

What standards are you basing your request on?

Whose standards are you following?

In today’s world, standard auto shouldn’t really exist; it can actually be detrimental to you, your families’, protection.

Why everyone is different?

Every household, every individual is different.

Therefore, your insurance should be designed to protect your specific needs.

An agent will be able to discuss your situation with you, to glean what assets you currently own and then build an insurance plan based solely on what is required to protect you in the event of a loss.

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Minimum Auto Coverage

Standard insurance is another way of requesting state minimum coverage.

I recently did another blog explaining what limits New York State requires to put a vehicle on the road.

Standard, state minimum, coverage is not adequate protection.

No one plans to have a loss.

No one wants to have to file an insurance claim.

But in the event that the filing a claim is inevitable, your independent agent will have made sure that you carry the limits necessary to adequately protect your assets.

What’s Next?

Stop what you are doing and pull out your auto insurance policy. Verify what your liability limits are, and if they are not at least $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident, contact your insurance company to increase your coverage. That is the minimum auto insurance liability protection you should have.

Insurance carriers have started penalizing consumers if they carry lower limits and are putting them in a higher rated tier. Right rated tier = more expensive insurance premiums.

If you don’t have a relationship with an agent or want a review of your insurance?

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